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Personal Injury:

• Workers' Compensation

• Accidents - Auto

Family Law:

• Termination of Parental Rights

• Military & Civilian Divorces

• Guardian ad Litem - Child Abuse Victims

• Prenuptial, Anti-Nuptial Agreements

• Child Support, Visitation, Alimony

• Division of Marital Property

Criminal Law:

• Domestic Violence Victims

Workers' Compensation

Were you injured at work? Has the insurance company denied your claim? Have you or are you experiencing untimely provision of medical benefits such as doctors’ appointments, diagnostic testing, surgery, wage replacement benefits, and mileage reimbursement? Have you been returned to work and the employer is not accommodating your restrictions? We help injured workers secure the rights to which benefits they are entitled. Since 2002 the founder of Legal Alliances has successfully delivered superior legal representation to employees to assure they receive appropriate and timely medical care, financial compensation, and reimbursement of expenses in accordance with the workers‘ compensation laws of Tennessee. We go beyond providing just legal services, we provide results.

Family Law

For whatever reason divorce happens when facing a divorce, decisions need to be made on issues such as custody, support, property distribution and alimony. These decisions can be made and controlled by you and your spouse or after a belabored destructive and expensive battle, be brought before a judge to be determined. At Legal Alliance we strive to enable our clients to design the terms that end the marriage. This permits both our clients and their spouses to maintain a good relationship, retain their dignity and self-respect, preserve their assets and most importantly, benefit their children, who are after all the innocent victims of the breakdown. Ultimately, the choice is yours. As we have been highly successful at win in family court, where necessary. Call Legal Alliances for a free consultation on how to end the marriage without ravaging your assets and relationships. If not for your sake then for your children’s sake.

Service Members: Legal Alliances is equipped with handling the complexities associated with Military Divorces

As Your Legal Ally, Legal Alliances is committed to your cause with an emphasis on the costs associated with representation. We maintain the highest quality legal assistance on a timely basis, with a team perspective towards resolution. To schedule your free consultation call us at 615-896-9335, or fill in the contact form on our contact page.

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